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Benefits Of Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator


One of the challenges of installing an elevator in the home is that it requires plenty of space. Other challenges include cost and maintenance factors. In some cases, retrofitting may also be an issue. However, a new type of elevator has just been developed in Argentina and this elevator is likely to be a game changer. This elevator is made from polycarbonate and aluminum. It takes a few hours to install and it is completely self-supporting. It is light, takes up very little space and can be fitted easily to a two story or three story building. The best part is that this elevator is quite cheap so this makes it affordable to many people.

3story house

At first glance, you might think this elevator is straight out of a science fiction movie. This is because there are no cables supporting the elevator cab and the hoist way is transparent. In fact, some people have the impression that this elevator works on some far out levitation principle. Well, this is the Residential Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator and it works perfectly in accordance with the laws of physics.

The strong point of this elevator is simplicity. It has enough space for just one person and its maximum carrying capacity is 450 pounds. Already, over 300 of these elevators have been sold and they are working perfectly.

In case of power failure, this elevator is perfectly safe. The descending car simply stops and locks on the next floor so there is no risk here.

The best thing about this elevator is that it uses an air pressure system instead of a mechanical apparatus. This makes starting and stopping very smooth. This also means there will be no room for mechanical or electrical accidents. There is nothing to fear if you buy or use this elevator. It is easy to install and very safe for the user.

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