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Where To Place CCTV Cameras At Home

The effectiveness of a security camera depends on where it is placed. When the cameras are in the correct places, it will protect the property and will keep intruders away. If you place your cameras in areas where people won’t pass or attempt to enter, they won’t provide much security. Before you install your security cameras, you should do a risk assessment so that you know the best place to install them.

Below is a list of the six places around the home where you will need the most protection.

The Front Door

The home’s front door is a popular entry point for intruders. If you are going to place a security camera at the front door, you need to let it be known so that intruders won’t attempt to come inside. This can mean making the camera visible or placing a sign on the property to let intruders know that you have a security system.

The camera at the front door will have the most interaction with people on the property. Most of the events and visitors recorded won’t be a threat to the property, however, if someone is, they will likely be scared off by the camera.

When people know that they are being watched, they will often behave differently. This means that criminals in the area will move onto a different home when they see a front door security camera. If you have packages delivered to your home often, a front door camera is a good idea. This will keep people from taking your packages before you have a chance to get them at the door.

First Floor Window

Thieves will often try to enter the home through a first-floor window because the glass on the window is not as secure as a locked door. Most burglars will be able to fit through a broken window, allowing access into and out of the home quickly.

Most intruders will use a back window to gain access to the home so that they cannot be seen from the street. Also, they won’t want the sound of breaking glass to be heard from the street. Criminals won’t use a back window just to gain entry. They will look through the back window to assess the property and to see if there are any valuables inside that make it worth breaking in. If you are able to capture a potential intruder casing the home from outside, you can stop the crime before it happens.

You can put the camera in the house pointing out the window, which will keep the intruder from ripping it down, however, this can impede what is recorded. If there is a glare in the window, it can make the footage useless. It is best to install the camera outside in a place where it cannot easily be seen.

The Back Door

The back door is a common entry point for intruders if they are going to pick or bump a lock because the back door provides more protection. If they are in the backyard, they will be able to take their time gaining entry to the house without worrying about cars and pedestrians seeing what they are doing. When the intruder gets to the back door, the signs on the lawn are useless.

If you can catch the intruder on tape at your back door, they cannot deny what they are planning to do. You already have footage of them on your property without your permission, therefore, their intent to enter your home is clear. When you have a security camera at your back door, you can gather evidence of the attempted break-in.

When installing a camera at the back door, you should make sure that it is hidden or out of reach. If the camera is vandalized by the intruder, the crime cannot be caught on tape. This will help the intruder get away with the crime.

When you have a security camera at your back door, you can gather evidence of the attempted break-in.


A stairway inside or outside is a good place for a security camera because these are points that need to be passed to gain access to the property and the home. If the stairs are located outside of a duplex or to gain access to the roof, intruders will attempt to use the stairs to get inside because it is an unusual way where they think they won’t be caught.┬áIf you have cameras in the stairways, you are one step ahead of the intruder.

The interior stairway is also a good place to install a camera. Most intruders will try their best to get in and out of the home as quickly as possible. Stairs will slow them down a bit, making it easy to get a good look at the intruder when they are on the stairs. Also, the interior stairs lead to the bedroom, where many intruders will go looking for valuables.

The Garage

The garage of your home is at risk of theft. When a garage door is open, it lets everyone walking and driving by seeing what is inside. It can be easy for intruders to gain access through the garage door or a side door on the garage. This door is often the least secure of all of the doors on the property.

Thieves will steal tools, sporting goods, and vehicles from the garage. Once your garage has been broken into once, there is a good chance that the thief will come back knowing that the items that they stole will eventually be replaced.
When you put a camera on a garage door, it is best to get a view from the inside and the outside. If this isn’t possible, it is best to get a good view from the inside.

This is so you can figure out how the person is getting into the garage and also what they are targeting. When the intruder enters the garage, they will often spend a good period of time in there looking around. When the camera is inside the garage, you should be able to get an image that the police can use to make an arrest. If you want surveillance on the outside of the garage, you might need to install more than one camera.



Installing a backyard camera will provide protection from more than just intruders. A backyard camera would give you an opportunity to keep an eye on your pets and children in the backyard as well as to record weather events on the property. If humans or dangerous animals are in the backyard, you will know as soon as you see them on camera.

If these people or animals make it a habit of coming into the backyard, you will be able to see where they are gaining access so that you can reinforce that area. If you take outdoor naps, tan, or camp in the backyard, this camera is especially important.

Pointing the camera at the backyard will let you know what is happening outside if nobody is watching. If a natural weather event causes damage to your home, you will have proof for the insurance company. If you hear a loud bang in the backyard at night, you can go to the camera to see if it was the wind or something that you should be concerned about. If an intruder enters the backyard, you will have the proof that you need to show the police.

Now that you know what each camera placement can protect your home from, you will have a better idea of where you are going to place the camera. After installing the cameras, you should check the recordings to make sure that they are pointed in the right direction and that glare won’t cause problems with the video quality.

Security cameras can protect your home from intruders and other dangerous situations as long as they are installed in the right places. For more information, contact a company who specializes in CCTV systems in Perth.

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