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Exciting Tech Trends And Gadgets


You may not have these tech trends and gadgets now, but they will be commonplace before too long:

8k Television

Although there are still some glitches to be ironed out, those in the know report that 8k television offers as sharp and as clear a picture as you can get, even if you are right in front of the screen. You may want to put this one on your Christmas wish list…

Personal Theatre

Watching a movie in complete privacy is now possible when you put on the Avegant Glyph, described as headphones for your eyes. Not only is the picture and sound enjoyed without any external distractions, but the headphones are a great space saver when compared to a large TV screen.


Some fridges may even allow you to watch cooking videos on a built-in screen.

Connected Big Screen Fridges

Your next fridge may let you see inside without actually having to open it, thanks to research from names such as Samsung and LG. Not only that, but if you are short on eggs or milk, you may receive an alert on your mobile device or pc, thanks to Wi-Fi connected fridges, and some fridges may even allow you to watch cooking videos on a built-in screen.

Self Flying Drones

Flying cars may still be some way in the future, but a self-flying drone capable of transporting you to and from work for a 20 minute journey time may be closer than you think. You won’t even need to navigate with the Ehang drone, as the Google maps will do it all for you.

Smart Blinds

The blinds of the future may be able to self-adjust and respond to changes in light and temperature, thanks to solar-powered sensors. You can maintain the perfect temperature in your home and save money on energy bills, and these FlipFlic smart blinds may be on a window near you in the near future.


A flexible phone capable of folding and bending without actually breaking.

Flexible Phones

If you have ever smashed the glass screen on your mobile phone, you surely will appreciate a flexible phone capable of folding and bending without actually breaking, and LG and Samsung are both looking into this.


You may not give much thought to the pegs on your washing line, but washing powder giant Omo is currently testing a smart peg by that name. Peggy will potentially be able to do so much more than merely secure your clothes to the washing line, such as alerting you when it is likely to rain, and telling you when it’s time to bring the clothes inside. All of this information shared through an app.

It may be too early to put these tech trends and gadgets on your wish list, but you may not have to wait too much longer…

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