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Seven Future Home Technologies


Many of the future home technologies featured in science fiction movies are actually with us today – just think how you can use your phone to adjust the lighting and heating level in your home.

If you haven’t heard of these seven future home technologies, no doubt you soon will.


1.  Automated Robots

Robotic devices designed to clean your floors have now become commonplace, and automated robots designed to carry out a lot more tasks will be with us before we know it. German scientists are working on a one-armed robot that can use its three fingers to serve drinks, operate other gadgets, pick items up from the floor and generally tidy up your home. Voice commands or a touchscreen allow it to be operated safely without being able to grip or harm a human.

2. Smart Appliances


Sensors and touchscreen displays are becoming increasingly common in everyday appliances such as washing machines and fridges, and some of them even allow you to connect with the Internet. The goal is to make appliances as smart and as user-friendly as possible, enabling them to learn your preferences and likes, and anticipate your needs.

3. Lighting Controls

Turning lights on and off from touchscreen panels, mobile devices, and other automated systems has become routine for many of us, instead of using a switch on the wall. Systems can now be programmed ahead of them to adjust the temperature in your home and turn lights on as soon as you get home from work, or get back from vacation, and many new homes will soon feature this technology.

4. Power Tracking and Energy Efficiency

A total home energy management program has recently been introduced by US company Powerhouse Dynamics, and this system can tell you when you are exceeding your monthly energy budget, and when it’s time to change the air filters in your home. It can also let homeowners know when it’s time for them to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliance, and new and useful features are being introduced almost daily.

5. Smart Toilets


Japanese toilets are now able to analyze urine after the toilet has been used to assess the risk of diabetes, and that same technology will soon be common here. That same toilet may soon be able to tell you if you have colon cancer or whether you are pregnant, and the trend with toilets is to make them more useful for health issues. But it is also about comfort, and foot warmers, heated seats, automatic deodorizers, and motion activated seats are already here.

6. Centralized Entertainment and Streaming Devices

A centralized streaming system providing instant access to all sorts of digital entertainment is beginning to replace cable TV, as well as that little box on top of your television. Smartphone and tablet-based remote control capability are on the horizon, as is the concept of new homes having a closed Ethernet network to improve connectivity.

7.  Closed and Private Networks

Eliminating the use of a router, and instead of having better connectivity with a closed and private network device is one of the big trends in technology. This also opens the door to such innovations as a mobile device offering an emergency alert system, remote CCTV monitoring of your home, and keyless entry with facial recognition capability.

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